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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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NEVs Have Arrived at Sendero

Over a year ago, we wrote extensively about the NEV paths and lanes planned for the Ranch Plan. That article is here. First, if you don’t know what an NEV is, NEV stands for a “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.”

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are categorized by the Department of Transportation as a “low speed vehicle,” meaning a [...]

An Introduction to Planning Area 2

With the success of Sendero (originally known to some of us as Planning Area 1), Rancho Mission Viejo is already working on Planning Area 2:

For those who are just starting the home shopping process, Rancho Mission Viejo would still welcome you out. As Johnson explained, “We’re already working on Planning Area 2 to begin [...]

Sendero Offers Public EV Charging Stations

If you’ve driven around Sendero, you might have noticed these units installed in front of some of the public parking spaces:

EV Charging Station in Sendero

Those are electric vehicle charging stations, and we think it’s a great idea that they’ve been installed in a couple locations throughout Sendero. The photo above is outside [...]

Anticipating the Integration of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) into the Ranch Plan

In the past, we have alluded to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and their role in Ranch Plan planning. With reference to the Ranch Plan Alternative Development Standards document originally issued March 14, 2007 and most recently amended September 14, 2011, we want to describe in a little more detail what NEVs might mean for the [...]

Rancho Mission Viejo/Ranch Plan Video

This 2009 video (available on YouTube) features Rancho Mission Viejo patriarch Tony Moiso talking about his family’s history as owners and stewards of Rancho Mission Viejo, as well as its plan for Planning Area 1 (now the Village of Sendero). Because the video is from 2009, it may not reflect current plans for Sendero, but [...]

Rancho Mission Viejo Presentation to OC Supervisors Provides Some Clues to the Status and Features of Sendero

We recently found a presentation that Rancho Mission Viejo Company gave to the Orange County Board of Supervisors on or around July 13, 2012 regarding progress on the Ranch Plan, and specifically, Sendero. The full presentation (in PDF format) is available here. And a companion video is available here. We’ve summarized some of the highlights [...]

Cow Camp Road Alignment

We have posted a link to a large .jpg file (available here, with a permanent link under “Documents” in the right sidebar) at the Orange County Public Works web site that illustrates the proposed alignment for future Cow Camp Road (the new arterial parkway that will begin at Antonio Parkway, opposite the Village of Sendero/Planning [...]