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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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Take a Photographic Tour Along Sendero’s El Paseo

El Paseo is the linear park that runs north/south through Sendero proper. In some ways, it divides Gavilan on the west from all-ages Sendero on the east. At the center of El Paseo is El Prado, the community core which features the three community centers: the Guest House, all-ages Ranch House, and age-qualified Hacienda. But [...]

El Prado Panorama

Rancho Mission Viejo Company has created a special place with its El Prado community core at Sendero. El Prado is anchored by the “Ranch House” all-ages community center for Sendero, the Hacienda community center for age-qualified Gavilan and the versatile Guest House. It offers multiple pools, spas, patios, bocce ball courts, a fire pit and [...]

Sendero Offers Public EV Charging Stations

If you’ve driven around Sendero, you might have noticed these units installed in front of some of the public parking spaces:

EV Charging Station in Sendero

Those are electric vehicle charging stations, and we think it’s a great idea that they’ve been installed in a couple locations throughout Sendero. The photo above is outside [...]

Ten Days Until Sendero’s Grand Opening

Only ten days until the big Village of Sendero Grand Opening. Click here for a brochure and map of the event. It looks like shuttles will be moving visitors between the parking lot, community core and the model homes — with separate shuttles for Gavilan and Sendero.

What do we think we know at this [...]

Interior Designer Provides a Glimpse at the Sendero Community Core

Rancho Mission Viejo has designed the Village of Sendero (including Gavilan) around a community core called “El Prado,” The community core will feature two clubhouses and one formal community hall, which are the subject of Rancho Mission Viejo’s latest video. The all-ages clubhouse will be called the “Ranch House” and we really like the Cliff [...]