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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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New Ladera Alerts Service Gives Ladera Ranch Residents Access to Instant Communications in Emergencies

All Ladera Ranch residents who have not yet signed up for the Ladera Alerts text message program ought to do so. Created by Ladera Ranch residents, Ladera Alerts provides a means of fast communication among Ladera Ranch residents in the event of an emergency. According to the website, “[t]his free service was created in an [...]

Visit These Ladera Ranch Haunted Houses

Looking for local haunted houses this weekend? Here are two in Ladera Ranch:

First, the return of the Shepherd’s Court charity haunted house, running Thursday through Saturday nights:

And second, a new entry sponsored by Tom Bertog Real Estate Group, on Halloween Night only:


Another Accident At Narrow Canyon Highlights the Danger: Residents Insist “It’s Only a Matter of Time…”

We have heard that there has been another accident at the Narrow Canyon and Aura Lane intersection, near the Goddard School. This weekend a driver lost control and struck a light pole dangerously close to the pedestrian crossing that is frequently used by neighborhood children and the Goddard students. This is the same location where [...]

Lyon Announces Fourteen New Homes in Covenant Hills

Residents of Covenant Hills are used to the pick up in construction activities going on in the custom home portion of the community. That activity accelerated further when homebuilder William Lyon Homes planted “coming soon” signs on 14 vacant Covenant Hills lots. The Lyon signs are located in and around the streets of Bell Pasture, [...]

Real Estate Value Watch in Ladera Ranch

There is no denying that Ladera Ranch real estate values have skyrocketed since we called a bottom in Ladera Ranch home prices. But are we really back to a point where a Covenant Hills custom home has appreciated a $1M profit in two years without any renovation?

Here’s the 2012 sale: $2,800,000 sales price. Note [...]

Sixteen Year Old Ladera Ranch Resident Cole Custer Becomes Youngest Ever Winner of a NASCAR National Series Race

Congratulations to Ladera Ranch resident and Tesoro High School student Cole Custer for becoming the youngest winner ever of a NASCAR national series race. Custer won the Truck Series race in just his seventh career series start at the age of 16 years, seven months and 28 days old. According to NBC Sports:

The teenager [...]

LAFCO Presents Local Governance Options to Rancho Mission Viejo Stakeholder Working Group

Below is a presentation on local governance options published for the RMV Stakeholder Working Group by Orange County LAFCO:

The presentation lays out the different governance options available to the Rancho Mission Viejo Study Area (which includes Ladera Ranch and the Ranch Plan area). Among those potential governance options are:

County Service Area

A [...]

Aerial Views of Ladera Ranch

We came across a great video of Ladera Ranch on Vimeo, filmed using a drone aircraft.

Aerial Views of Ladera Ranch from Urs Britschgi Real Estate Team on Vimeo.

A link to the full video is here. The video was produced by Ladera Ranch realtor Urs Britschgi. In addition to being a local realtor, [...]

Ladera Times Calls Attention to a Dangerous Intersection

The Ladera Times has published an article (with accompanying video on the website) calling attention to a dangerous intersection in Ladera Ranch. The article and video are available here. According to the article:

…Laderians, eager to avoid traffic at the notoriously backlogged Oso Grande Elementary roundabout at Sienna, hustle along Narrow Canyon to get to [...]

Irvine Swim Team Dispute Holds Cautionary Tale for South County’s HOA-Governed Communities

If you didn’t see it, the Register has published an article describing a four-year-long war between residents, the HOA and a local swim team within Quail Hill, an Irvine master planned community. The article is here, and reads in part:

It all started, Chemers said, because he and other homeowners didn’t like the swim team’s [...]