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Cow Camp Road Alignment

We have posted a link to a large .jpg file (available here, with a permanent link under “Documents” in the right sidebar) at the Orange County Public Works web site that illustrates the proposed alignment for future Cow Camp Road (the new arterial parkway that will begin at Antonio Parkway, opposite the Village of Sendero/Planning Area 1) and will ultimately end at Ortega Highway, just short of Caspers Wilderness Park. Cow Camp Road will be the primary east/west arterial road serving Rancho Mission Viejo.  Ortega Highway will not be abandoned, as was originally proposed in the Ranch Plan, but will be relegated to a secondary road.  It remains unclear whether State Route 74 will be rerouted through Cow Camp Road.

Click on the link under “Documents” in the right sidebar for a full-sized version

Note that if you zoom in to the maximum resolution (of the actual image, not the thumbnail above), you can just make out schematic drawings for what looks like combo NEV/bike/hiking paths that will run from Sendero under the Antonio Parkway bridge over San Juan Creek and travel parallel to Cow Camp Road, intersecting with and providing access to future F, J and I Streets.  C Street looks to be the access road to the fire station and small residential development that will be built north of Cow Camp and East of Antonio — across Antonio from the bulk of Planning Area 1.  NEVs are “neighborhood electric vehicles” (i.e., golf carts).  Rancho Mission Viejo is being designed with a network of NEV paths that will allow residents to travel from home to retail to office within Rancho Mission Viejo on golf carts using these NEV paths.  In some cases, the NEVs will be adjacent to regular roads (like a bike lane), in some cases they will run parallel to the regular roads, and in some cases they will be independent, perhaps traversing open space between the villages.  It seems clear, however, that the NEV trails are being implemented in Sendero with the goal of connecting them to future planning areas.

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