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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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Ladera Ranch Civic Council Meeting on Monday, November 17th

The next meeting of the Ladera Ranch Civic Council will be held on Monday, November 17th at 7 PM, located in the board room at the Santa Margarita Water District building. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with new Fifth District Supervisor Lisa Bartlett. Former Supervisor Patricia Bates was a good friend to Ladera [...]

South Orange County Post-Election Roundup

Want the roundup of the local elections that impact South Orange County? Here you go:

Orange County’s Fifth District has a new Supervisor in former Dana Point Mayor Lisa Bartlett who defeated Laguna Niguel Councilman Robert Ming to replace Patricia Bates. Bates easily defeated Ladera Ranch Civic Council member Gary Kephart and will represent the [...]

Another Accident At Narrow Canyon Highlights the Danger: Residents Insist “It’s Only a Matter of Time…”

We have heard that there has been another accident at the Narrow Canyon and Aura Lane intersection, near the Goddard School. This weekend a driver lost control and struck a light pole dangerously close to the pedestrian crossing that is frequently used by neighborhood children and the Goddard students. This is the same location where [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Takes Leadership Role on Narrow Canyon Traffic Safety

We know that we sometimes give the Ladera Ranch Civic Council a hard time. We also try to give them credit when they do something beneficial for the community. We applaud the Ladera Ranch Civic Council for getting involved in the traffic situation at the intersection of Narrow Canyon and Aura Lane. The letter highlighted [...]

Why Won’t the Ladera Ranch Civic Council Disclose the Number of Votes Cast?

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council has announced the results of its most recent election:

Results of the Board elections were announced at the September 16 Board Meeting. All four incumbents will retain their seats on the Board. The results are: Todd Stearns received votes from 66% of the members voting, Jeff Hamilton 59%, Jett McCormick [...]

Ladera Ranch Re-Elects Four Incumbents to Civic Council

Congratulations to the four incumbent directors of the Ladera Ranch Civic Council on winning re-election:

Todd Sterns Jeff Hamilton Jett McCormick Scott Weisgerber

We have not seen any data on the number of votes cast for each of the candidates, nor the total number of votes cast in the election. We request that the Civic [...]

Agenda for Ladera Ranch Civic Council Meeting on Monday, September 15

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, September 15th. On the meeting agenda are the following topics:

Narrow Canyon Traffic Issue: The Civic Council will be reviewing the traffic issues on Narrow Canyon at the September 15th meeting. With a recent accident, pedestrian crossing issues for the Goddard School and [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Election Starts Today — Maybe

Voting for the Ladera Ranch Civic Council was supposed to begin today, September 5th. At least, that’s what the Ladera Ranch Civic Council website currently says. In an earlier announcement, the Civic Council suggested that voting would begin on August 28th. It doesn’t matter, however, because the Civic Council web site does not seem to [...]

Six Candidates Seeking Four Open Seats on the Ladera Ranch Civic Council

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council is governed by seven elected council members, each serving a two-year term. Six candidates, including all four incumbents, have stepped forward to seek the four open seats in this year’s LRCC election. The candidates are:

Jett McCormick (incumbent, current Chair) Jeff Hamilton (incumbent) Joel Almeida Mike Ellzey Scott Weisgerber (incumbent, [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Meeting on July 21: Council to Discuss Ladera Athletic Complex, Automated Gas Metering and Anti-Bullying Legislation

The July meeting of the Ladera Ranch Civic Council is scheduled for Monday, July 21st. Meetings are held in the boardroom of the Santa Margarita Water District Building at 26111 Antonio Parkway. The meeting begins at 7 PM. On the agenda this month:

Ladera Athletic Complex. We haven’t previously mentioned this project because we weren’t [...]