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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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Register Article on “Taking Out the Trash” for La Pata

The La Pata Gap Closure Project proceeds. While one crew starts road construction in the center of the gap, another crew works to excavate, move and re-bury trash that lies in the path of the roadway. The Register describes this process:

Amid heaps of tires, wine bottles, plastics, wood and other decaying, blackened garbage, excavators [...]

What Real Estate Recession? Article Summarizes Extensive South County New Home Development

What real estate recession? Based on the number of construction trucks rolling around town, that ancient history is out of sight and out of mind! If you are like us and are interested in all of the development going on in South Orange County currently (and there is a lot!) you may be interested to [...]

Proposed Whispering Hills Apartment Complex Rejected by Planning Commission, City Council Review Next

A while back, we talked about the proposed “Whispering Hills” apartment complex near San Juan Hills High School. That article is here. The proposal contemplates an apartment complex with 100 units, of which 26 units are reserved for low and moderate income tenants. This week, the San Juan Capistrano Planning Commission rejected plans for the [...]

Affordable Housing in Rancho Mission Viejo

Low-income housing. It is a sensitive and controversial topic for many reasons. Residents worry about crime, blight and other problems that they associate with “low-income” neighbors — whether or not such concerns are merited. Because low-income housing is often subsidized rental housing, homeowners wonder about whether the low-income renters are going to maintain their apartments [...]

Whispering Hills Apartment Complex Moves Closer to Approval

Development in San Juan Capistrano is gaining traction on a number of projects beyond the massive Rancho Mission Viejo “Ranch Plan” development. Among those projects is Rancho San Juan, a neighborhood of 155 single family homes on large lots located off of La Pata Road near San Juan Hills High School. The first tract, Valinda [...]