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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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San Juan Open Space Foundation Publishes Video Highlighting Reata Park and Event Center

The San Juan Capistrano Open Space Foundation has published a great high definition video (using aerial drone footage) of the completed and now-open Reata Park and Event Center. We can’t embed the video here, so please go watch it (in full screen) here. There is also a photo gallery here. According to the Open Space [...]

Reata Park and Event Center Grand Opening on May 31

Anyone who has driven by the Reata Park and Event Center on Ortega Highway on the east edge of San Juan Capistrano has noticed the progress. From a largely neglected space has emerged a beautiful, expansive and historic park that will be unique among all of San Juan’s open space. Purchased from Rancho Mission Viejo [...]

Reata Park and Event Center Nears Completion

Anyone who has driven Ortega Highway on the eastern side of San Juan Capistrano will have seen the progress at the City’s newest park: Reata Park and Event Center. According to the San Juan City Manager’s weekly update:

The park is currently in the final stages of construction. Miscellaneous items for the week include the [...]

Third Time a Charm or Three Strikes You’re Out? SJC City Council to Consider Third Development Proposal for The Oaks

According to its published meeting agenda, tonight the San Juan Capistrano City Council will consider another application to develop residential housing at “The Oaks” — the equestrian property that belongs to Joan Irvine Smith. This proposal — the third developer to submit a proposal for building homes on the property — contemplates 32 single family [...]

Update on Reata Park and Event Center

What’s the latest on Reata Park and Event Center? Here’s an update from San Juan’s City Manager:

Decomposed granite for the trails in the southerly and easterly portion of the site has been installed. Concrete pours for trash enclosures, concrete pads, and other miscellaneous items are in progress. Grading is complete at the westerly portion [...]