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San Juan Open Space Foundation Publishes Video Highlighting Reata Park and Event Center

The San Juan Capistrano Open Space Foundation has published a great high definition video (using aerial drone footage) of the completed and now-open Reata Park and Event Center.  We can’t embed the video here, so please go watch it (in full screen) here.  There is also a photo gallery here.  According to the Open Space Foundation:

What was once a weed-infested dirt lot at the corner of Ortega Highway and Reata Road has been transformed into the beautiful Reata Park and Event Center. This 18-acre public open space area is located in the eastern section of town and is the last piece of the city’s 132-acre open space purchase that also includes the adjacent RMV Riding Park at San Juan Capistrano. The Open Space Foundation, with approval from the city, developed a plan for the area that would preserve its rustic beauty while also making it accessible for all. After more than 7,000 hours donated by Foundation volunteers and an outpouring of contributions from the community, Reata Park opened to the public in May 2014.

The thoughtful design of the park is evident as tree-lined walkways, scenic event spaces, and native plant landscaping flow seamlessly through the area. The native plant garden is one of the largest and most extensive in California, and requires minimal water and maintenance. To preserve a slice of the city’s history, the nearly 100-year-old structure located on the property has been carefully restored and now serves as the park’s new Welcome Center. Reata Park is a perfect destination for a stroll or picnic, as well as for large events such as weddings, family reunions, and corporate retreats.

We love Reata Park, and think it is a great addition to San Juan’s portfolio of protected open space.  We especially appreciate that it is pedestrian, cyclist and equestrian friendly and that it is well integrated into the larger South County network of walking, cycling and horse trails.  Between Reata, the RMV Riding Park and the upcoming Sendero Field at the corner of Ortega and Antonio, the borderlands between San Juan Capistrano and the community of Rancho Mission Viejo is going to forever maintain the rural charm that defines both areas.

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