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One the Eve of the Signature Deadline, SJC Recall Calls it Quits

The campaign to recall San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sam Allevato faced an important deadline today. As you might remember from this article, today was the day the signatures were due:

The recall organizers, Residents for Honest Government, now have 120 day to gather signatures from 20 percent of San Juan Capistrano’s 17,511 registered voters, or [...]

Recall Petition Approved; Supporters May Now Seek Signatures

The Capistrano Dispatch has the latest on the recall. Residents for Honest Government, the group backing the recall of Councilman Sam Allevato, received approval from the City Clerk on its proposed petition. According to the Dispatch:

The recall organizers, Residents for Honest Government, now have 120 day to gather signatures from 20 percent of San [...]

Our Thoughts on the San Juan Capistrano Recall

The Capistrano Dispatch has printed a letter to the editor from former San Juan Capistrano City Councilwoman Laura Freese on the subject of the recall. We have always been mindful of San Juan’s unique brand of take-no-prisoners politics, and this looks to be no different. We fear that things are going to get uglier before [...]

Where to Find Answers About the San Juan Recall

Our local newspapers are working overtime to disseminate the facts surrounding the Allevato recall effort. We’ve assembled some links that will help answer your questions about the recall. Perhaps the most famous recall election was the 2003 recall of California Governor Gray Davis.

First, below is video of the recall announcement and Councilman Allevato’s response, [...]

Is a San Juan City Councilman Facing a Recall?

In a recent blog article, a group calling themselves “Residents For Honest Government” is threatening to serve recall papers on San Juan Capistrano City Councilman Sam Allevato at the Council meeting tonight. There is some discussion of the potential recall on the SJC Patch, as well. Based on those articles and comments, and based on [...]