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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

The writings of Don Juan Ortega on the Rancho Ortega Blog are the personal views of the author. This blog is not authored by nor does it have any affiliation whatsoever with any other person, place or entity using the name "Rancho Ortega" (or any similar name).

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An Important Clarification About Our Blog

In a post almost exactly one year ago, we answered the question “What is Rancho Ortega?“ In that post, we tried to answer the question who we are, but we also took pains to explain who we are not. We mentioned that we are not affiliated with any of the businesses or entities that use [...]

Registration is Open for Comments

We seem to be attracting some attention this week from readers who want to comment. We are happy to take comments from anyone, whether they agree or disagree with us. As a result, for the time being, we have activated the registration link so that interested readers can register to submit comments on the site. [...]

Rancho Ortega Blog is on Twitter

We have to admit, we are a little hesitant about this whole Twitter thing. We don’t try to be an instant-update, 24/7 social media type of entity, but we do get a few mentions on Twitter here and there and we’d like to acknowledge them properly. Twitter is more interactive than a blog, and seems [...]

Why the Sudden Interest in the Ghosts of Black Star Canyon?

Last Halloween we did a fun little series on the top 10 most haunted spots in Orange County. It has been one of our more popular items, and even today — nearly a year later — those articles are always among the day’s most highly trafficked. Of the ten, our article about Black Star Canyon [...]

Rancho Ortega Blog Attracts the Attention of Ghost Hunters

Last year for Halloween, we counted down the ten most haunted spots in Orange County. It was and has been one of our most popular series of articles. Last week, our post about Black Star Canyon (the second most haunted spot in Orange County, according to us!) was reprinted by a Facebook site called “Haunted [...]

Apologies for the Technical Difficulties

We’ve been having some trouble with the site this week. It has prevented us from posting new articles and it looks to have frustrated your ability to access the blog. Things seem to be resolved now — fingers crossed!

Thank You to our Growing Audience of Readers

We were very pleased with our site traffic last week. Without question, last week (Monday through Friday) saw the highest numbers of visitors to our blog over a five-day period. Tuesday was the second highest traffic day in this blog’s history. Thursday was the third highest, and Monday was the fifth highest. Even more gratifying [...]