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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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The Sendero Apartments at Antonio and Ortega Have a Name: Sendero Gateway Apartments

We’ve emphasized the importance of the intersection at Antonio Parkway and Ortega Highway before and we are excited about recent developments. First, Rancho Mission Viejo Company has done a beautiful job with the “Rancho Mission Viejo” entry monument, the new orchard plantings and the ranch-style fencing painted in a dark green color that I am [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council to Discuss Ranch Plan and Cityhood Tonight

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council meets tonight, with two topics near and dear to us on the agenda.

Rancho Mission Viejo Update

Representatives from Rancho Mission Viejo Company will provide the Council with an update on the Ranch Plan project, including the Sendero Grand Opening on June 29-30.

Governance Task Force

The Civic Council is [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council’s Roadmap for Cityhood

For the last few days, we’ve been discussing the issue of cityhood in detail. Yesterday, we used the Ladera Ranch Civic Council’s letter to Supervisor Patricia Bates as an opportunity to discuss LAFCO – a little-known independent regulatory commission that holds supreme power over issues related to cityhood. Because that discussion was so important, we [...]

When it Comes to Cityhood, LAFCO is the Most Important Government Agency You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Yesterday, we kicked off a discussion about local governance, i.e., cityhood, and mentioned the Ladera Ranch Civic Council’s recent meetings and discussions with Supervisor Patricia Bates. Let’s continue our discussion be starting an analysis of the Civic Council’s letter and using that as a tool for discussing LAFCO. As a reminder, the full text of [...]

Final Tract Map for Meritage Homes in Sendero

We have reviewed the final tract map for the Meritage tract in the Village of Sendero. Sitting on a terraced hillside, these 63 lots will consist of three two-story models of large single family homes embracing the “great room” concept, with up to five bedrooms, optional casitas and up to 3,000 square feet of living [...]

Location of Builder Tracts Within Sendero

We’ve taken a graphic showing the layout of Sendero and annotated it with the location of the various builder tracts within the village. Come to realize that the discrete sections on the graphic below (separated by the dashed lines) represent the builder tracts — giving you and idea of where the remaining builders will be [...]

A Glimpse at TRI Pointe Homes in the Village of Sendero

We continue to see portions of Planning Area 1 (Village of Sendero) take shape in the form of final tract maps. Today, we explore two tract maps that will collectively make up the TRI Pointe Homes development within Rancho Mission Viejo’s Village of Sendero. The two areas straddle Sendero Way (the entry road from Antonio [...]

Final Tract Map Reveals Some Details About the Ryland Homes Project in Sendero

This is the second final tract map approved for Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan, also known as the Village of Sendero. We previously discussed the first tract map, which covered 7 acres that will hold 29 of the 50 Del Webb homes in the gated age-qualified community of Gavilan. Today, we are going [...]

Rancho Mission Viejo the Guest Speaker at San Juan Chamber April Networking Breakfast

We write a lot about Rancho Mission Viejo on this blog, but why get your information from us when you can get it straight from the source? The San Juan Chamber is hosting its monthly networking breakfast on April 3rd, featuring a representative from Rancho Mission Viejo Company talking about Sendero and the Ranch Plan. [...]

A Closer Look at the Del Webb (Pulte) Tract in Gavilan

We are beginning to see final tract maps approved for portions of Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan – in other words, the Village of Sendero and the gated age-qualified community of Gavilan. A final tract map serves to articulate the streets, infrastructure, easements and access rights in the development area, as well as [...]