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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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A Glimpse at TRI Pointe Homes in the Village of Sendero

We continue to see portions of Planning Area 1 (Village of Sendero) take shape in the form of final tract maps. Today, we explore two tract maps that will collectively make up the TRI Pointe Homes development within Rancho Mission Viejo’s Village of Sendero. The two areas straddle Sendero Way (the entry road from Antonio [...]

Final Tract Map Reveals Some Details About the Ryland Homes Project in Sendero

This is the second final tract map approved for Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan, also known as the Village of Sendero. We previously discussed the first tract map, which covered 7 acres that will hold 29 of the 50 Del Webb homes in the gated age-qualified community of Gavilan. Today, we are going [...]

A Closer Look at the Del Webb (Pulte) Tract in Gavilan

We are beginning to see final tract maps approved for portions of Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan – in other words, the Village of Sendero and the gated age-qualified community of Gavilan. A final tract map serves to articulate the streets, infrastructure, easements and access rights in the development area, as well as [...]

More Speculation on the Ranch Marketplace

We discussed the size and potential tenants of the Ranch Marketplace (the proposed ten acre retail center at the corner of Ortega Highway and Antonio Parkway) in this post. We’ve done some more thinking and researching and wanted to further explore two questions relating to the layout of this new retail center.

First, will the [...]

Sendero and Gavilan Floorplans Now Available Online

The new Sendero website includes information about the Sendero, and Gavilan neighborhoods, including links to their floorplans. Sendero will offer a mix of single and two story homes, along with an assortment of townhomes and condos. Architectural styles will be location-appropriate, including Spanish Revival, Monterey, Western Ranch, Early California and Adobe Ranch styles. It seems [...]

El Prado will be the Community Core of Sendero

We have been exploring the new website for the Village of Sendero, and one thing that jumped out at us is the planned community core. Sendero will feature a wide greenbelt of linear parks called “El Paseo” running between the “switchback trail” (connecting Sendero to Ladera) and the San Juan Creek. Along its meandering paths [...]

New Rancho Mission Viejo Website for Sendero is Live!

After last week’s false alarm, we think the new Rancho Mission Viejo website for Sendero is now live. For real this time. The domain is, and it replaces the old corporate website. An overview of Sendero is here and Gavilan is here. Floorplans and tract information is also available for Sendero homes and Gavilan [...]

Planning Area 1: Progress Photo

Last week, Rancho Mission Viejo Company has tantalized us with a detailed graphic representing the new Village of Sendero and some of its planned amenities. We mentioned that in this post, and you can see the graphic here. A few weeks ago, we were up on the Ladera Ranch Trail and we took a few [...]

Grading Progress on Planning Area 1 Retail and Apartment Sites

While Gavilan and the new home communities within the upcoming Village of Sendero are getting all of the attention, Rancho Mission Viejo Company has also planned an apartment complex, retail shopping center, day care facility and a small office complex within the borders of Planning Area 1. Specifically, the apartment complex will be located on [...]

Speculating on the Prices of Gavilan (Age-Restricted) Homes

Ever since Rancho Mission Viejo announced that Planning Area 1 would contain a gated “active adult” community (later named Gavilan), potential homebuyers have been hungry for information about this proposed community. While we aren’t privy to any information about Gavilan itself, we are able to provide some back ground on age-restricted housing generally.

The legality [...]