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Capo Unified Open Forum with Superintendent Farley

Parents with questions about Capistrano Unified’s search for a new Superintendent have an opportunity to address those questions to the District’s current Superintendent. CUSD Superintendent Joseph Farley will hold a public forum tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 from 7-8 PM at San Clemente High School. The forum will be held at the SCHS “Little Theater.” [...]

Congratulations to Capo Unified’s 2014 Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to the 2014 Capistrano Unified School District Teachers of the Year! From CUSD:

Karen Gauthier, the National Board Certified Teacher from Chaparral Elementary School; Yeon Choi, the award-winning orchestra teacher at Niguel Hills Middle School; and Anthony Tubbs, the science teacher and sports coach at Tesoro High School, received notification of the honor during [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Meeting Tonight

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council will hold its monthly meeting tonight. On the agenda, courtesy of the Civic Council:

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council will hold its monthly meeting 7:00PM, Monday, February 17, 2014 at the Santa Margarita Water District Building located at 26111 Antonio Parkway.

The Honorable Anna Bryson, Trustee for the Capistrano Unified [...]

Good News for Capistrano Unified

SJC Patch: Capo Unified Facing No Cuts for the First Time in Years

This is welcome news for Capistrano Unified, after seven consecutive years of mandatory budget cuts and fiscal belt-tightening. Sometimes forced austerity can result in desirable efficiencies and improvements, which hopefully won’t be lost in this year’s budget. The Trustees deserve credit for [...]

City Council Will Consider Apartment Rezoning Proposal Tonight

We previously linked to a Capistrano Unified Trustee’s op-ed in the SJC Patch arguing against the request for rezoning submitted by the developer of a proposed 100-unit Rancho San Juan apartment complex near San Juan Hills High School. That link is here. We described that op-ed as arguing that “the proposed zoning change should be [...]

CUSD Trustees Urge SJC City Council to Reject Re-Zoning Application Near San Juan Hills HS

Capistrano Unified School District Trustee Jim Reardon has written an op-ed in the San Juan Capistrano Patch articulating why he and his fellow CUSD Trustees unanimously passed a resolution urging the San Juan Capistrano City Council to reject the zoning change application submitted by the developer of a proposed apartment project near San Juan Hills [...]

Naming the New Capo Unified School in Rancho Mission Viejo

Earlier today, we mentioned that a recent Patch article about a new CUSD school gave us the name of Planning Area 2 here. Esencia! Speaking of that new school, our friend and CUSD Trustee Jim Reardon has suggested that the K-8 school be named the “Richard J. O’Neill School” in honor of Rancho Mission Viejo [...]

Planning Area 2 Has a Name: Esencia

Buried in a Patch article about a new CUSD school in Rancho Mission Viejo is this nugget, Planning Area 2 will be named “Esencia.” If you recall, “Sendero” means “path” in Spanish. “Esencia” means “essence” but more in the “fragrance” sense of the word (as opposed to “essential”).

An Introduction to Planning Area 2

With the success of Sendero (originally known to some of us as Planning Area 1), Rancho Mission Viejo is already working on Planning Area 2:

For those who are just starting the home shopping process, Rancho Mission Viejo would still welcome you out. As Johnson explained, “We’re already working on Planning Area 2 to begin [...]

Details Emerge About the Capistrano Push Polls

In our article about the flare-up at last night’s San Juan Capistrano City Council meeting, we referenced a “push poll” (or as Councilman Reeve called it, a “push-pull poll”) that seemed designed to influence the survey respondents more than it was designed to survey they feelings about the recall. The correct term for it, by [...]