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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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San Juan Capistrano City Council Candidates Forum Tonight!

San Juan Capistrano City Council candidates forum tonight!

Assemblywoman Gonzalez Tweets Our Water Article

Thank you to Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez for tweeting our water conservation article.


.@Rancho_Ortega blog in #OrangeCounty takes a look at our #AB2104 to cut down on #CAwater use by #HOAs. #CAdrought

— Asm. Lorena Gonzalez (@LorenaAD80) September 23, 2014


Which reminds us, we forgot we had a Twitter account. Poor Don Juan, [...]

Ladera Ranch Civic Council Takes Leadership Role on Narrow Canyon Traffic Safety

We know that we sometimes give the Ladera Ranch Civic Council a hard time. We also try to give them credit when they do something beneficial for the community. We applaud the Ladera Ranch Civic Council for getting involved in the traffic situation at the intersection of Narrow Canyon and Aura Lane. The letter highlighted [...]

Why Won’t the Ladera Ranch Civic Council Disclose the Number of Votes Cast?

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council has announced the results of its most recent election:

Results of the Board elections were announced at the September 16 Board Meeting. All four incumbents will retain their seats on the Board. The results are: Todd Stearns received votes from 66% of the members voting, Jeff Hamilton 59%, Jett McCormick [...]

KPCC Story on San Juan Water Rate Litigation

Radio station KPCC recently did a story on San Juan Capistrano’s water rate litigation.

The city of San Juan Capistrano, which helped pioneer conservation-minded water rates in Southern California, is now the site of a dispute around whether those rates are permissible. Residents have challenged the city’s “tiered pricing” system in a lawsuit that’s being [...]

Governor Signs New Laws Aimed at HOAs and Water Conservation

There are big chunks of South County that are governed by homeowners associations, and some have complained that homeowners associations are among the biggest water wasters in the current drought environment, including overwatering common areas and enforcing landscaping rules that penalize residents for taking steps to conserve water. The appropriately named Governor Brown has recently [...]

LAFCO Presents Local Governance Options to Rancho Mission Viejo Stakeholder Working Group

Below is a presentation on local governance options published for the RMV Stakeholder Working Group by Orange County LAFCO:

The presentation lays out the different governance options available to the Rancho Mission Viejo Study Area (which includes Ladera Ranch and the Ranch Plan area). Among those potential governance options are:

County Service Area

A [...]

Ladera Ranch Re-Elects Four Incumbents to Civic Council

Congratulations to the four incumbent directors of the Ladera Ranch Civic Council on winning re-election:

Todd Sterns Jeff Hamilton Jett McCormick Scott Weisgerber

We have not seen any data on the number of votes cast for each of the candidates, nor the total number of votes cast in the election. We request that the Civic [...]

San Juan Coffee Chat to Host Informal Candidates Forum on October 3rd

For those of you who attend Coffee Chat on Fridays in San Juan Capistrano, there will be an informal candidates forum on October 3rd for the individuals running for City Council. All the candidates have been invited to participate. Each candidate will be permitted a short speech followed by Q&A from the audience. The candidates [...]

LA Times Article Discusses Swimming Pool Restrictions and the Mathematics of Water Usage

The LA Times is the latest media outlet to pick up on the fact that water agency restrictions aimed at backyard swimming pools may not be necessary, or even effective, when you consider the long term water usages of pools compared to grass or landscaping. According to the LA Times article:

As California’s drought worsens, [...]