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Rancho Ortega Blog discusses matters of public interest in South Orange County, including the communities of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.

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Lola’s Cafe Needs Your Help to Finish the Mission

The fine folks behind Lola’s Cafe are back. We first mentioned their efforts to bring healthy, eclectic food and drinks to Ladera Ranch in this article: Have You Lamented the Lack of Unique, Healthy Restaurants in Ladera Ranch? If So, You Can Help Make Lola’s Cafe a Reality! We then discussed the incredible generosity of [...]

Congratulations to the San Juan Chamber on a Successful Vintage Food and Wine Festival

Congratulations to the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce and everyone involved in this past weekend’s 17th Annual Vintage Food and Wine Festival at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Participating restaurants included Ricardo’s Place, Bad to the Bone BBQ, Mission Grill, Sundried Tomato, Sarducci’s, Five Vines Wine Bar, Hidden House Coffee, Rancho Capistrano Winery, Guapas [...]

San Juan Beer Lovers Have Something to Cheer About

We here at Rancho Ortega Blog love the food and drink scene that is springing up all over San Juan Capistrano. There are an abundance of restaurants for all tastes and budgets, and San Juan is rapidly becoming a baby-Napa in Orange County with not one, not two but three wineries and wine bars in [...]

Lola’s Cafe Raises $14,255!

Congratulations to our friends at Lola’s Cafe in Ladera Ranch. Their crowd-funding campaign ended last night and they smashed their $12,000 goal by raising over $14,000 dollars! Good luck to you guys as you seek financing and begin the process of making your dream a reality! Keep us posted on developments as they occur, and [...]

Lola’s Cafe Exceeds Its Goal of Raising $12,000 With Four Days to Spare!

With four days left to go, the folks behind Lola’s Cafe have exceeded their goal of $12,000! Congratulations to everyone involved, including the residents of Ladera Ranch who invested their money in making this a reality. No doubt there is much more work required to turn the vision of a healthy, eclectic cafe into a [...]

Lola’s Effort Brings Out the Best in Ladera

Ladera Ranch really is the emodiment of community, and from time to time we see specific, tangible examples of neighbors helping neighbors. We’ve been talking about the effort to bring Lola’s Cafe to Ladera Ranch (see here and here). Today, we saw one Ladera Ranch family offer to help another Ladera Ranch family’s dream become [...]

Update on Lola’s Cafe

Last week, we shared with you the efforts of some Ladera Ranch residents to bring a unique, healthy European-style bistro to Ladera Ranch. Much needed, we said! Well, they reached out to us with a comment and some additional information. You can read the comments thread in the original article here. And below is their [...]

Have You Lamented the Lack of Unique, Healthy Restaurants in Ladera Ranch? If So, You Can Help Make Lola’s Cafe a Reality!

We would not be the first to comment on the lack of fine dining in Ladera Ranch. There’s no shortage of national fast food chains in Ladera Ranch: McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, TOGO’s, Jerry’s, Panda Express, A&W/KFC and a number of different pizza and Mexican food options. Not that there is anything wrong with those [...]

Ricardo of Ricardo’s Place Tells His Story in a New Video

Ricardo’s Place restaurant on Camino Capistrano is a San Juan Capistrano institution. Owned and operated by the Beas family, the restaurant serves food based on old family recipes. Ricardo recently released the following video talking about his restaurant, his family and his city. Since Ricard is such a passionate ambassador for the City of San [...]

New Restaurant Coming to Dana Point Harbor

Remember when the venerable Jolly Roger restaurant in Dana Point Harbor closed its doors? Well, a replacement has been found. The new restaurant will be called “The Waterman at Dana Point Harbor” and it will be owned by the same company that operates Sunsets in Capistrano Beach and San Clemente (at the pier), and StillWater [...]