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Ladera Ranch Civic Council Election Results

According to the Ladera Ranch Civic Council website:

The Civic Council held their elections on-line from September 12th to the 19th. There were four seats up for election and seven candidates. The four elected are Connor Traut, Jeff Hamilton, Jett McCormick, and Mike Mazza. Jett McCormick and Jeff Hamilton are incumbents and are currently the Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the Board. Jett McCormick is the last remaining founding Board members. Last year, Connor Traut was ruled ineligible to run as he was not 18, but committed to run again this year. His persistence paid off and he is now the youngest Board Member of the LRCC. Mike Mazza is a long time resident and community volunteer. Mike and Connor’s fresh perspective are a welcomed addition to the LRCC Board.

The LRCC would also like to thank Bo Kelleher, Max Black, and Joshua Neil Stickle for the candidacy. It is not easy running for a public position and making the commitment is an accomplishment in itself.  The Board will elect its officers at the October 22nd meeting.

We have been told (but have not independently verified) that the polling results are as follows:

  • Connor Traut: 21.1%
  • Jett McCormick: 18.0%
  • Jeff Hamilton: 18.0%
  • Mike Mazza: 15.9%
  • Bo Kelleher: 13.8%
  • Max Black: 8.3%
  • Joshua Neil Stickle: 4.8%

Finally, with these election results, the Civic Council now consists of:

  • Jeff Hamilton (re-elected)
  • Jett McCormick (re-elected)
  • Roger Redden (not up for election)
  • Todd Carlson (not up for election)
  • David Luzuriaga (not up for election)
  • Connor Traut (elected)
  • Mike Mazza (elected)

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the candidates for working to make Ladera Ranch a better place to live!

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