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Meet the 2012 Candidates for Ladera Ranch Civic Council

The Ladera Ranch Civic Council — Ladera’s version of a quasi-city council — is preparing to conduct an election for four of the seven council seats.  The election will be conducted online with LRCC members able to vote between September 12th and 18th.  The seats up for election are currently held by incumbents Jeff Hamilton, Bill Lawson, Jett McCormick and Ryan Sheets.  For background information, we previously discussed the role of the Ladera Civic Council in a prior article.

During the nominations period, the Ladera Ranch Civic Council received and qualified seven candidates.  Qualified candidate must be a minimum of 18 years old and have resided in Ladera Ranch for at least 6 months.  In order to vote in the upcoming elections, residents of Ladera Ranch were required to register as members of LRCC prior to September 5th.

The candidates vying for the four positions include:

Clicking on the candidate’s name will open a PDF of the candidate’s official statement to the LRCC.  We note that two of the candidates have interesting backstories related to Ladera Ranch.

As a 16 year old, Connor Traut ran for Ladera Ranch Civic Council and was disqualified based on an interpretation (now made explicit) that candidates must be at least 18 years of age.  Now 18, and a student at the University of Redlands, Traut has qualified for the ballot.  He has created an external campaign web site at  Don’t let his age fool you, Traut boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and qualifications on his web site:

  • Founder & Former President of the Ladera Ranch Teen Leadership Council
  • LARCS 2011 Volunteer of the Year
  • Eagle Scout
  • 2011-2012 ROP Distinguished Student of the Year
  • CEO of TrautFinancial
  • Chairman of
  • Chairman of Gold Wood Surf & Skate Company
  • 2011 Ladera Ranch July 4th Parade Grand Marshall
  • Studies Financial Economics & Government at the University of Redlands

Bo Kelleher was once banned from the discussion boards on Ladera Life, the official Ladera Ranch website.  As a parting shot, Kelleher created a rival Ladera Ranch resident web site, Ladera Portal.  Ladera Portal was never able to replace Ladera Life, and is largely dormant today.  Eventually, Kelleher rejoined Ladera Life, where he remains an active — albeit at times still controversial — contributor.

Typically, the Ladera Ranch Civic Council will conduct an open forum with the potential candidates or otherwise provide additional information about the candidates.  We will not take a position for or against any candidate until voters have had a complete opportunity to meet and question them all.

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