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SJC Candidates Answer Questions from the Capistrano Dispatch

We previously encouraged you to read the Dana Point Times which is publishing City Council candidates’ answers to questions concerning the City.   Sister-publication, the Capistrano Dispatch, is doing the same with the eight candidates vying for three seats on the San Juan City Council.  The Dispatch has asked and published answers for three questions.

The first question concerns development:  The city is considering several major development projects that have sparked heated discussions among residents. Which projects are of the greatest concern to you? As a council member, how would you balance the desire to add responsible developments with the need to preserve San Juan Capistrano’s historical character?

You can read the candidates’ positions on development here.

The second question is about (what else?) water:  The state is in the midst of an historic drought and water remains a hot topic in San Juan Capistrano. The city adopted a new rate structure this year, replacing its contested system. Do you think the new rates effectively address some of the concerns of the previous system? Do you think the city’s Groundwater Recovery Plant is a viable solution to future water woes? What else can the city do to address the water crisis?

The candidates’ answers on the water question are here.

The third question relates to San Juan’s parking shortages: The lack of parking in downtown San Juan Capistrano is becoming an increasing concern. What further steps do you think the city can take to enhance parking opportunities downtown? What potential solutions would you offer?

Those answers are available here.

The eight candidates running for San Juan Capistrano City Council are incumbents Derek Reeve, John Taylor and Larry Kramer, and challengers Jan Siegel, Kerry Ferguson, Pam Patterson, Robert Williams and Stephanie Frisch.

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