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Ladera Ranch Civic Council Takes Leadership Role on Narrow Canyon Traffic Safety

We know that we sometimes give the Ladera Ranch Civic Council a hard time.  We also try to give them credit when they do something beneficial for the community.  We applaud the Ladera Ranch Civic Council for getting involved in the traffic situation at the intersection of Narrow Canyon and Aura Lane.  The letter highlighted the dangerous situation that exists at this intersection and urges the Orange County Traffic Committee of the Public Works department to take action.  The letter reads in part:

For a number of years, community leaders have attempted to mitigate the issues associated with pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the intersection of Narrow Canyon and Aura Lane. The area is unique in that it includes homes, a community park, and a school on three of the four corners of this intersection. Two of these uses are especially sensitive in that they attract young children and their families. In addition, what is also unique from our perspective is that this intersection does not include traffic control devices traditionally found in Ladera Ranch. In many instances throughout the community, roundabouts are utilized to control traffic and allow pedestrians to safely cross the street. Unfortunately, without any form of traffic control (i.e. a signalized intersection or stop signs) traffic appears to move through this area quickly and often exceeds the posted speed limit.

And it concludes as follows:

[T]he Civic Council, along with members of the community, requests that the County conduct a traffic analysis that would support the implementation of an all‐way stop sign intersection. However, should this effort ultimately not be supported by the warrants required under current law, the Civic Council requests that the County explore all potentially viable alternatives, including the construction of a roundabout or an illuminated crosswalk as options for  consideration by the County Traffic Committee.

The entire letter is available here, and it was accompanied by a petition signed by 129 members of The Goddard School supporting County action on Narrow Canyon.  Thank you to the Ladera Ranch Civic Council to taking a leadership role on the important traffic safety issue.

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