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OC Weekly Honors Two South County Coffee Roasters Among OC’s Best

Don Juan Ortega is a bit of a coffee nerd and has tried nearly every coffee house in Orange County at some point.  The OC Weekly published its list of the top 5 coffee roasters in Orange County and Don Juan extends a hearty caffeine-infused congratulations to one his favorites — Hidden House Coffee Roasters in San Juan Capistrano.   Here’s what the Weekly says about Hidden House:

True to its name, this micro (and I mean micro) roaster finds itself nestled between a few oak trees just past the San Juan Capistrano Amtrak station. With hardly much room between the register and the door, Hidden House manages to squeeze its roaster, large sacks of beans, and even a few tables into its establishment. And while the coffee shop’s appearances may charm all who enter, their cold brew coffee and cappuccinos could convert any non-coffee drinker in a caffeine-accelerated heartbeat.

Hidden House coffee is delicious no matter where you drink it, but nothing beats enjoying a cup sitting out on the patio people watching and train spotting in the Los Rios Historic District!

Joining Hidden House is another South County micro-roaster, Chocxo Coffee and Cacao of Lake Forest (formerly known as Green Earth Coffee Roasters).  From the Weekly:

Despite its rather out-of-the-way location deep on Lake Forest Ave, this java shop is worth driving that extra few miles. Richard Foley bought the location only months ago and has brightened up the shop by offering fresh sandwiches and salads, his gourmet house-roasted chocolate and a new paint job. Did I mention the fresh roasted coffee, from Mexico, Ethiopia and everywhere in between, is rather fantastic?

Congratulations to both Hidden House and Chocxo.  Join Don Juan in raising a glass to the emergence of a South County coffee culture!

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