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Two Stories Driving Record Traffic

Sometimes we are not surprised when a particular topic drives a lot of traffic, and sometimes we are.  Both the most recent Ladera Ranch robbery and the Talega doll dropper stories are driving traffic to our site at record high numbers.  What’s interesting is that previous stories about robberies in Ladera Ranch have not resulted in any noticeable increase in traffic.  On the other hand, the Talega doll dropper story has now gone national, so that doesn’t surprise us, except that the spike in traffic is about 7:1 in favor of the Ladera robbery over the Talega dolls.  Is there something unusual about this robbery that we are missing?  Neither of the previous bank robberies in Ladera generated this much interest.

2 comments to Two Stories Driving Record Traffic

  • Jim Reardon

    The “something unusual” is the video. One doesn’t normally see so much video.

  • Don Juan Ortega

    Perhaps, Jim. The video is unremarkable, but what do I know? I’m just glad no one was hurt, and I’m worried about the growing trend of felony crimes being committed in idyllic Ladera Ranch. Whatever the outcome on local governance is, the Sheriff needs to increase its patrol coverage of Ladera Ranch to levels enjoyed by contract cities, including Mission Viejo and San Juan Capistrano.