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Ladera Ranch Civic Council Meeting on July 21: Council to Discuss Ladera Athletic Complex, Automated Gas Metering and Anti-Bullying Legislation

The July meeting of the Ladera Ranch Civic Council is scheduled for Monday, July 21st.  Meetings are held in the boardroom of the Santa Margarita Water District Building at 26111 Antonio Parkway.  The meeting begins at 7 PM.  On the agenda this month:

  • Ladera Athletic Complex.  We haven’t previously mentioned this project because we weren’t sure it had been publicly announced, but we are really excited about it.  This is a true sports complex that will provide top quality indoor facilities for Ladera Ranch’s many championship caliber sports teams, including basketball and volleyball.  Indoor sports facilities are in short supply in Ladera Ranch.  Youth teams have to compete for scarce court time at San Juan Hills High School (or look in neighboring cities) and there is a complete absent of adult basketball and other indoor sports leagues due to the lack of facilities.  The Ladera Athletic Complex will end that scarcity with world class facilities.  We’re not sure what say the Ladera Ranch Civic Council has on this project, but the Council should strongly support it.
  • Automated Gas Metering.  The Gas Company is moving forward to automate gas meter reading in Ladera Ranch, following on a successful Smart Meter Program completed by SDG&E a couple of years ago.  This will involve the construction of antennas throughout Ladera Ranch to read the meters.  The Gas Company is working with LARMAC on placement of the antennas.
  • Bullying.  In the wake of the disturbing attack on a local teen at Chaparral Elementary School, local governments are discussing enhanced law enforcement tools to combat bullying.  Recently, Rancho Santa Margarita has taken steps to pass anti-bullying legislation.  On Monday, the Civic Council will debate the issue.

The Civic Council elections are coming in September.  Applications are available here, and the deadline to submit an application is next Friday, July 18, 2014.


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