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La Pata Gap Closure is Underway; Construction Update

The La Pata Gap Closure project is underway.  Here is our first construction update:

La Pata Gap Connector Phase Begins!

The contractor for the La Pata Extension Project has begun the construction of the La Pata Gap Connector Phase that will extend the existing La Pata Avenue just south of Vista Montana to Calle Saluda with four new travel lanes for approximately 2.27 miles. The phase is expected to be completed in Fall 2016. Below are the details of the project’s construction activities for the upcoming weeks:

WHEN: Through May 16, 2014, weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Clearing and Grubbing: This work involves the removal of rubbish, shrubs, trees, etc. within the construction zone to clear the way for the improvements.

Refuse Removal: This work involves the excavation of refuse at the landfill.

Earthwork: This work involves the excavation and relocation of existing soil.

Utility Relocation: This work involves the relocation of SDG&E overhead power lines.


Dust Mitigation: Water trucks will be on-site and used to minimize dust during working hours.

Access: Access to schools, businesses, residential areas, and emergency services will be maintained at all times.

Noise/Vibration: You will experience noise and vibration from back-up alarms, work crews and other related equipment during working hours.


Trail Closures: Prima Deshecha and Forster Ridgeline Trails will be closed at the locations shown on the map through Fall 2016.

Note: Construction activity schedules and closures are subject to change

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