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Consider Following “The Real RSM” on Facebook

We’ve been following a Rancho Santa Margarita-specific Facebook page that calls itself “The Real RSM” lately.  It’s relatively recent, but has been updating frequently and seems to have a similar mission to our own.  In a recent status update, they say:

Friends, the local perspective of “RSM Patch” is apparently gone. We are hoping that “The REAL RSM” can serve our community with local news, discussions, etc. Won’t you please click on our site and “invite” your friends to join us?

Indeed, with the RSM voice of Martin Henderson gone from the Patch, RSM has lost one of its most prominent sources for local news and events.  We mentioned RSM Politics in a previous post, but that site has been less consistent in its updates, with only a single new article since early January.  In any event, RSM Politics seems singularly focused on zoning issues relating to the former Nissan dealership site.  Thus far, The Real RSM has covered a wide range of topics and is refreshingly upbeat and positive about the City.  We especially enjoyed the short tribute to RSM City Planner Richard Reese.  The Real RSM describes itself as “[a] site to pierce through the negativity and to reveal the truth about our community; to provide the residents the facts about the REAL RSM!”

It also claims to have been created to counter some of the negative commentary about RSM, a reference (we think) to the RSM Politics site.

RSM is a great city but recently there has been an undercurrent of negativity toward our city, some justified, some not. Some people enjoy attacking our city unfairly, and these websites have unfortunately prevented me and others from presenting the FACTS about the REAL RSM!  I am a retired computer engineer who has attended or listened on line to almost every city council meeting and I have access to court documents, newspaper publications, county and city records, etc. With this site, I will present the FACTS about the REAL RSM and when necessary, defend those who are unfairly attacked on this, or any other website.  I invite you to comment, contribute and enjoy this new website.

We discuss Rancho Santa Margarita from time to time here at the Rancho Ortega Blog, but our focus is primarily San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo.  Besides, our mission is to provide a forum for community discussion and debate about important issues affecting South County.  If The Real RSM is pursuing the same mission, we say welcome!

If you live, work or are otherwise interested in Rancho Santa Margarita, please consider following The Real RSM on Facebook.

2 comments to Consider Following “The Real RSM” on Facebook

  • Drew

    Thank you so much for reviewing our new Facebook page! Like your blog, we intend on reporting the latest news and events in Rancho Santa Margarita, and to counter the negativity that some seem to enjoy publishing. I read you blog often, and appreciate your posts very much. Once again, thank you!

  • Don Juan Ortega

    Thank you for your kind comments, Drew. The admiration is mutual. Congratulations on your success thus far!