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Speculating on a Revised Ranch Plan Timeline

Like most major real estate projects, the Ranch Plan was a victim — at least temporarily — of the Great Recession and real estate crash.  Originally, the Ranch Plan was scheduled to break ground in 2005 with an estimated date for completion in 2025.  While we don’t pretend to know Rancho Mission Viejo’s revised development timeline, we have speculated on what the new timeline might be using the graphic below.  We obtained an illustration showing the planned construction phases and schedules, and have updated that to account for a seven year delay in breaking ground on Planning Area 1.  Based on this, the Ranch Plan will be complete by approximately 2032.  We’ve also added some notes regarding planning areas and phases that were reduced or eliminated as a result of Rancho Mission Viejo Company’s settlement with a consortium of environmental groups as well as other reasons.  We have not compressed our revised timeline to take into account the fact that no development will occur in Planning Areas 6, 7 and 9.  If we did, it might be possible for RMV to complete the development by the original end-date in 2025.  Regardless of how accurate our speculation may be, one thing is clear: residents of South County will be living with the Ranch Plan development for much of the next two decades.

Ranch Plan Construction Phases and Schedules: Original and Revised (speculative)

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