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Latest Legal Battle Over Capistrano Newspaper Ban

The Capistrano Dispatch has the latest round in the litigation over the San Juan Capistrano newspaper ban.  From the Dispatch:

Attorneys for a local newspaper that sued the city of San Juan Capistrano over a closed-session decision to remove news racks at city properties are challenging an attempt to remove three council members and the city attorney from the lawsuit.

And perhaps my favorite line from the proceedings:

In his opposition, Tate called Kohn’s anti-SLAPP motion a “fallacious theory” and that it asserts that city officials “have a First Amendment right to violate the First Amendment rights of (Common Sense) and others.”

In other words, the City has argued that it is a violation of city officials’ first amendment rights to sue them for violating the first amendment rights of others.

Read the whole article at the Dispatch.

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