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First Amendment Crisis Averted! Rainbow Looms Return to Ladera Ranch

South County has narrowly averted another First Amendment crisis!  Once again, an over reaching public offical has banned a form a expression deemed “dangerous.”  Fortunately, the Constitution prevails and the ban is reversed.  Sound familiar, South County?

No, we aren’t talking about subversive newspapers.  We are talking about rainbow loom bracelets, which had been banned from Ladera Ranch Elementary School.  Now, Ladera grade schoolers can breath easier.  Rainbow loom bracelets are no longer contraband.  From the OC Register article:

The bracelets were such a distraction – students were flicking them at each other, with the potential for someone to get hurt, [Ladera Ranch Elementary School Principal Amy] Bryant said – that she enacted the ban Feb. 24.  Monday, the principal said she had made the decision in haste. “I should’ve considered the potential ramifications.”

Among the possible consequences? A First Amendment lawsuit, Bryant said.  “If there’s the potential there could ever be a violation of someone’s freedom of expression, I want to consider that,” she said.

Freedom prevails, and nobody even had to file a lawsuit!  There’s hope for us yet, South County.

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