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Rancho Ortega in Finland

Apparently, somewhere in Finland, an internet bulletin board is vigorously debating something to do with our August 2012 article: Calling a Bottom in Ladera Ranch Home Prices.  That article has been viewed dozens of times in the last few days, all resulting from the same Finnish message board.  Here’s the link.  Go figure.

EDIT: Curisotity got the best of us and we had to look into this a little more.  Although Don Juan’s Finnish is a little rusty, Google translate comes to save the day.  The bulletin board in question appears to be an investment community, perhaps focusing on gold.  Here’s the comment about our article, apparently discussing the psychology of an asset bubble:

linkistä se 2. käppyrä, pätee joka assettiin, teknokuplat, Talvivaara, kulta…psykologia menee aina samalla tavalla, ihminen ei koskaan opi.


“link below the 2 curled up, which is true for the asset, tech bubbles, Talvivaara, honey … psychology will go the same way, the man will never learn.”

It seems they liked our psychology of a market bubble chart.  In any event, tervetuloa ystävät!

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