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Lola’s Cafe Exceeds Its Goal of Raising $12,000 With Four Days to Spare!

With four days left to go, the folks behind Lola’s Cafe have exceeded their goal of $12,000!  Congratulations to everyone involved, including the residents of Ladera Ranch who invested their money in making this a reality.  No doubt there is much more work required to turn the vision of a healthy, eclectic cafe into a stable, profitable business, but this success has to bode well for Lola’s chances, right?

If you would like to contribute, it’s not too late.  The more Lola’s raises through the crowdfunding site, the less they have to borrow from banks, and the more quickly they can achieve a positive balance sheet.

2 comments to Lola’s Cafe Exceeds Its Goal of Raising $12,000 With Four Days to Spare!

  • lolascafe

    First off – THANK YOU for the coverage that you’ve given us.

    Next – We’ve done our fair share of spreading the love about this little blog. It’s truly like a weekly local newspaper – just in real time and without the ink. It’s been great reading about all of the happenings of various levels of concern – what ya’ll are doing is a well needed service to this area.

    Finally – the level of support we’ve received locally is mind blowing. From all levels of Pledges ($5 to $1500), David Gangloff Architects, Inc donating architectural services (!!!), local investors… when we took the angle of It Takes A Village to bring our little dream to life we had NO IDEA what would happen… we’re truly shell shocked! Yes, there’s still A LOT to do… and with 4 days left – even more can be raised to help us fight the good fight. Yes – WHEN we get fully funded, we reach yet another hill to take… BUT… what has happened as a result of this campaign is fuel for the fire. It inspires us even more that we’re on the right path and want to serve the community in a larger sense than just food & java. Viva LDR…. Viva Lola’s Cafe… Cheers!!

    p.s. Don Juan Ortega – while you didn’t score the table, we still look forward to your patronage. If you do Pledge – we’ll jazz up your Perk at any level. (worth noting, the Bob Seger lithos are COOL!)

  • Don Juan Ortega

    You are welcome! We loved this quote you posted on your Facebook page:

    “Lots of us have great ideas. Few of us have the guts to actually try and make them a reality. One of the coolest men I’ve ever known is doing just that with his beautiful wife and daughter. Matt Surrena, is going after his dreams the old fashioned way–earning the right to do so $1 at a time. When I think of the oasis of love, hip and goodness Lola’s Cafe LDR will be out in California–I’m sad it can’t be my respite. I know everything about Lola’s will be built and run in a way that is socially just and aware–from whom and where it buys its food to its support and investment in the community that houses it. I know it will be spiritually bountiful with people who truly value the souls who walk through their doors. I know the food will be insanely good just as the vibe will be, too. If you’ve ever let a dream languish–you can redeem that by feeding Matt’s dream with a gift. Maybe their tenacious spirit will inspire you…It does me. And if I didn’t mention it…Matt’s a Bobcat…so I hope some of our fellow Cats take that as enough of a reason to throw a little their way.”

    That little comment is inspirational. How many of us complain about the lack of something, or wish something was better or different? Yet, how many of us actually do something about it? How many of us invest our life savings into making it happen? Promoting your story is the least that we can do, and I think the community rallied around you because we all recognize the importance of what you are doing.

    Thank you for the kind words in return about our blog. In some ways, our stories are similar. We too saw an unfilled niche in the community and tried to fill it. In our case, it was a lack of information and discussion about the massive issues and changes that are coming to South Orange County. If we can help folks be a little better informed and a little more connected with one another, we’ve accomplished our goal.