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Take a Photographic Tour Along Sendero’s El Paseo

El Paseo is the linear park that runs north/south through Sendero proper.  In some ways, it divides Gavilan on the west from all-ages Sendero on the east.  At the center of El Paseo is El Prado, the community core which features the three community centers: the Guest House, all-ages Ranch House, and age-qualified Hacienda.  But there is more to El Paseo than just the community centers and pools.  Below, we’ve taken you on a photographic stroll down El Paseo to see some of the other features of Sendero’s linear park.

First, a map of El Paseo, courtesy of Rancho Mission Viejo Company:

original image credit: Rancho Mission Viejo Company

The numbers in the map above correspond to the photos embedded below the jump.

Photo 1:

Photo 1: A distant view of the larger Sendero playground and picnic area, with the trailhead to Ladera barely visible beyond the swings. The road was closed beyond this point, hence the long-distance camera work.

Photo 2:

Photo 2: Called the Demonstration Garden, this part of El Paseo features meandering paths and is landscaped with some ornamental plants. It also features several picnic tables.

Photo 3:

Photo 3: One of the picnic tables at the southern end of the Demonstration Garden overlooks Sendero’s multi-hole putting green. (Rumors that this is a new style of bocce court remain unconfirmed!)

Photo 4:

Photo 4: The beautiful fire pit on the “great lawn” at El Prado, the community core.

Photo 5:

Photo 5: It wasn’t immediately clear what this space is for, but it is called the Reception Garden.

Photo 6:

Photo 6: These need no introduction, they are the Sendero all-ages bocce courts.

Photo 7:

Photo 7: This tot lot is the smaller of the two playgrounds in El Paseo. There is a swing set beyond the play equipment (just out of frame to the left), and the playground surface consists of sand.

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