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Final Tract Map for Shea Homes in Gavilan

Shea Homes is developing approximately 12 acres of Gavilan, Sendero’s age-qualified community.  Offering sixty homes on four streets, the Shea homes are a major component of Gavilan.  Shea will be offering three models, including a 1,770 square foot plan one from the mid $600s (floorplan here), a 1,929 square foot plan two from the high $600s (floorplan here), and a 2,041 square foot plan three starting in the low $700s (floorplan here).  Each model is a single story home and features two bedrooms (optional three) and two and a half baths.  The Shea homes will feature rancho adobe, spanish and western ranch style elevations.  The map below shows the location of the Shea homes within Sendero.

Location of Shea Tract in Gavilan (original image credit: Rancho Mission Viejo)

These homes are centrally located in the heart of Gavilan, and are in reasonably close proximity to the community recreation core at El Prado.  Some of these homes sit on elevated streets and should have views.  If you’ve seen the models going up at the site, these are going to be really charming homes.  Below is an excerpt from the final tract map showing the lot layouts, as well as the location of the four planned pocket parks.

Shea Homes – Final Tract Map

As you can see, three of the Shea streets are double loaded, but Mito (on the north side of Lindura) seems to be single loaded and adjacent to the linear El Paseo park.  The lot sizes on Mito appear to be larger than average for the Shea tract.  Lot 58 looks positively enormous.

Final Tract Map – Shea Homes on Mito Street

And what of the street names?  Planeo means “to glide” or “to soar,” Diseno means “design,” and Mito means “myth” or “legend.”  We have to admit, Bahari gave us some trouble.  It appears to be the name of a species of hawk in Spanish, it means “ocean” or “sea” in other romance languages, and it could be some form of “baja” for “lower”.  We’re going to go with the latter interpretation, since naming the lowest street in the tract “Bahari” would be consistent with naming the highest street in the tract “Planeo.”

Shea’s builder page for Gavilan is located here.

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