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Estimating Prices Per Square Foot in Sendero and Gavilan

Yesterday, we published some official pricing for Sendero and Gavilan in the form of starting price ranges.  Today, using those ranges, we’ve calculated estimated prices per square foot for each of the eleven Sendero tracts.  Where the pricing was announced as “low-x” we used $x00,000 and where pricing was announced as “mid-x” we used $x50,000.  For example, we used $400,000 as the starting price for “low $400s” and we used $450,000 as the starting price for “mid $400s.” Here are the results:

Obviously, the numbers above are approximations.  Nevertheless, you can see some patterns emerge.  Gavilan seems to be priced at about $350 per square foot to start, and the rest of Sendero is being priced in the low $300s per square foot to start, with an average of about $310.  The Gavilan tracts seems to be more closely grouped – ranging from $343 at the low end to $364 at the high end, whereas market-rate Sendero ranges from $291 at the low end to $328 at the high end.

To put those prices in some local context, over the last three months (according to Redfin) resale condos in Ladera Ranch are selling for just over $250 per square foot on average, and resale single family homes in Ladera Ranch are selling for just under $300 per square foot on average.  It is not unusual for new construction to sell at a premium to resale inventory.

Note again that these are just estimates of the starting prices.  Options, upgrades and landscaping are usually not included in the base price for new construction.  Since we are not affiliated with Rancho Mission Viejo or the builders, you should seek more detailed pricing information directly from them.

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