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A Closer Look at the Del Webb (Pulte) Tract in Gavilan

We are beginning to see final tract maps approved for portions of Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan – in other words, the Village of Sendero and the gated age-qualified community of Gavilan.  A final tract map serves to articulate the streets, infrastructure, easements and access rights in the development area, as well as provide for lot boundaries and survey monumentation.

Final Tract Map No. 17462, provided below, illustrates two streets within the community of Gavilan.  Strategically located within the community, these elevated lots will be feature 29 of the 50 homes that will be developed by Del Webb (Pulte).   The map area consists of approximately 7 acres, and outlines the location and boundaries of streets, lots and common areas.

First, the location of this particular tract map within the entire Sendero community:

Location of Del Webb Final Tract Map (graphic courtesy of Rancho Mission Viejo)

And below is the Final Tract Map itself for this portion of Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan:

Final Tract Map for a portion of Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan

As mentioned above, these two streets (Lindura and Palomino) sit high on the hillside, above Sendero and far removed from Antonio, Ortega or any of the main collector streets within the development.  We suspect that the remainder of Del Webb’s 50 homesites will be located on the two uppermost cul de sacs to the right of Lindura.

Del Webb has posted some details about its three home designs for Gavilan, including interactive floorplans and a concept video, on its web page for Del Webb at Rancho Mission Viejo.  In addition, the final tract map contains the dimensions for each lot, which allows us to calculate lot sizes.  While no lot is a perfect rectangle, we can quickly estimate approximate lot sizes.  For example, consider Lot 26 on Palomino Lane.  According to the tract map, Lot 26 is 91.29′ and 93.91′ in length, and 52.74′ in width, resulting in a lot size of approximately 4,850 square feet.  (Please note that we selected Lot 26 because it was relatively easy to calculate, not because it represented an average size.  In fact, it looks to be on the small side of the lots in this tract, leading us to conclude, based only on eyeballing the map, that lot sizes in the Del Webb tract are likely to range between 5,000 and 7,000 square feet, with some outliers on either side.)

Dimensions of Lot 26

Lot sizes vary significantly even on these two streets, offering different sized yards for potential buyers.  For example, consider some of the larger lots at the end of the cul de sacs on Lindura and Palomino.  Who knows, with its elevated and secluded location, Lot 15 might be one of the premier lots in all of Sendero!

Lot Size Detail for Del Webb Homesites

Below are renderings of what the three models will look like, one in each of the three architectural styles: Spanish, Monterey and Farmhouse.

Renderings of Del Webb Models and Elevations (all images courtesy of Del Webb/Pulte Homes)

We continue to be very impressed with what we’ve seen of the Del Webb offering at Gavilan.  These are well-designed homes in historically appropriate architectural styles occupying some of the most valuable real estate in gated Gavilan and amenity-rich Sendero.  We continue to believe that Del Webb is going to hit a home run with this community.

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