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Chamber Defends SJC on LA Times Blog: Yes, the Swallows are Here!

It’s St. Joseph’s Day and the Los Angeles Times is trying to spoil our fun!  In an LA Now blog post entitled “San Juan Capistrano celebrates, but will swallows arrive?” the Times wonders whether there is anything left to our annual tradition:

Tuesday is stoked in tradition for the mission, but much has changed in recent years. As fewer of the birds have returned since they were first welcomed onto the grounds nearly 100 years ago, mission officials have tried different ways to lure them back.

This year the mission is playing swallow mating calls from speakers behind a statue of Father Junipero Serra, the mission’s founder. The recorded mating sounds had some success in 2012, mission officials said. They hope the momentum will carry forward.

With a tip of the hat to our friends at the Patch, it seems that the only thing more reliable than the swallows returning to Capistrano is reading others question whether the swallows will return to Capistrano!  Well, not only has the San Juan Chamber been covering today’s festivities and posting photos of our little avian visitors, but they have been out representing San Juan Capistrano on blog like LA Now.  From the comment section:

Just returned from the festivities at the Mission today and there were MANY swallows flying around in and above the Mission. It is true that they don’t flock in the huge numbers that they once did, but they certainly do come and its a beautiful tradition that we invite everyone to enjoy with our community.  The 55th Annual Swallows Day Parade is this Saturday. (For more info, visit:   Hope to see you in SJC!

Well done, San Juan Chamber!  Thank you for representing San Juan Capistrano and promoting the special event that is the annual return of the swallows to Capistrano!

Cliff Swallow (photo: Wikipedia)

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