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Rumor: New Homes Coming to Covenant Hills

We have been told by several sources that DMB Ladera may sell 28 of the custom lots in Covenant Hills to a merchant homebuilder.  We haven’t seen any official announcement on the internet, so we can’t vouch for the accuracy of the rumor.  If true, however, it would bring some much-needed life and activity to the last unfinished community in Ladera Ranch.

We’ve speculated on the likely location of the 28 lots in question in the image below.

Covenant Hills Custom Lots Possibly Sold to Merchant Homebuilder

If you are using Google Maps, the suspected lots are located on the streets identified as Vernaccia, Galgano, Chiusi and Tintoretto.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whether you prefer spaghetti westerns over western all’italiana, the streets in question seem to have been renamed Vaquero, Gaucho, Cowboy and Stockmen.  Although, none of the new names are as clever as the new “Buckaroo” at the top of Sky Ranch.

Newly renamed streets Guacho and Cowboy

As you can see from the map above, building out these 28 lots will bring Covenant Hills that much closer to completion and will provide some helpful sales activity to Covenant Hills.  In addition to speculating on who the builder might be, one wonders what price point will find traction in the current market environment and yet offer a home that is consistent with the custom and semi-custom homes on that side of Covenant Hills?  This also begs the question — what is DMB Ladera’s plan to sell the remaining custom lots which continue to languish in limbo?

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