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Ghost Mission: SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters TV Show Visits Mission San Juan Capistrano

Did you watch Wednesday night’s episode of Ghost Hunters featuring Mission San Juan Capistrano.  According to the Ghost Hunters episode guide:

A woman buried alive, two thousand dead bodies and a faceless monk?  Whoa.  That’s not the kind of California dreaming most people think about!  This episode of Ghost Hunters takes the team to the 236-year-old San Juan Capistrano Mission in Southern California. The park service, led by Megan Dukett, is constantly bombarded by questions from the public about the ghosts on this sacred ground.

If you missed it, the “Ghost Mission” episode will be re-aired next Wednesday, January 30th at 5 PM on the SyFy Channel.  Until then, we’ve included the teaser below (the first two minutes are free, viewing the full episode requires a purchase):

Reality TV review site “Reality Wanted” had this to say about the episode:

[The Ghost Hunters] hoped to make contact with “Magdelena.”  Multiple times a shuffling sound, audible to the viewers, continued to surround them, as if somebody else was with them.  The staff and visitors have reported the same type of phenomenon.  …  K.J. McCormick and Britt Griffith are kings of the spirit gadgets and they put them around the entire area where the “Faceless Monk” is said to appear.  As they began to call out for any monks that may have served at the mission, their equipment started to register a considerable amount of activity, and some type of violent sound came from down the pathway but nobody else was around and they felt they may have stirred up an angry spirit.  It sounded like somebody was shaking one of the metal gate doors, almost as if an earthquake had just happened.  When they played back their recording, they found a female voice that seemed to be saying something in Spanish but it was not audible enough to make out the words.  Just before this rattling noise, they did catch another EVP that was clearly saying “Who’s that?”

Read the full episode recap here.  The San Juan Capistrano Patch summarizes the episode in this article, and pointed out that the Ghost Hunters didn’t bring anyone who spoke Spanish on their team, as they apparently didn’t consider that the Mission Ghosts might speak Spanish!

What do we think?  In October, we declared Mission San Juan Capistrano and Los Rios Street as the first and third most haunted locations in all of Orange County!  (You can see our top 10 haunted spots here.)

And if you want to do some first-hand paranormal research of your own?  Sign up for the Overnight Camping at the Mission this summer!  Maybe you too will encounter Magdalena or the Faceless Monk!

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