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Rancho Mission Viejo shows us “Where the Paved Road Ends”

Rancho Mission Viejo is producing some high quality videos in support of its marketing activities.  This one, entitled “Where the paved road ends” is a wonderful homage to the beauty of inland South Orange County.  Can you believe that this natural beauty is just minutes from the beach?  Can you believe that this rural way of life exists just minutes from Orange County’s commercial and financial centers?  We know we sound like an ad agency for RMV, but we give credit where credit is due.  This is a beautiful video that captures why so many of us love living here on the ranch in South Orange County.  Well done, Rancho Mission Viejo.

Where the paved road ends. from Rancho Mission Viejo on Vimeo.

You can see all of Rancho Mission Viejo’s videos on their Vimeo channel here.

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