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San Juan Capistrano City Council Approves Reata Park Plan

We recently discussed the proposed Reata Park and Event Center conceptual plan in this post.  Yesterday, the San Juan Capistrano City Council approved the park plan on a split vote with Councilmembers Byrnes and Reeve asking for more time to consider the plan.  The Patch has an article with more details here, but it appears some of the primary concerns relate to the fact that the park may be “overdesigned” (which is probably a code word for too expensive to maintain) and that the location of the park on the eastern border of San Juan Capistrano means that it will serve to benefit the future residents of Sendero moreso than residents of San Juan.

4 comments to San Juan Capistrano City Council Approves Reata Park Plan

  • RB

    From San Juan ,

    One reason someone might feel it better serves the Eastern Border future residents more than San Juan Residents. Bike Trail only.

    Reata serves access for Bikes (Class 1) in regard to trail connections to the future Regional Trail System to Caspers Park but not Equestrians. The class 1 Bikeway goes through the park & connects across an ortega designed ramp. There is no trail through the park for equestrians. In addition pedestrians can cross at Reata light from Rancho Misson Viejo planned trails.

    San Juan Capistrano has unique trail recreation needs compared to the surrounding cities & the new development. We have Horses.

    It is extremely disappointing not to have a multi use
    trail in Reata and across Ortega (hiker, pedestrian,equestrian).
    Originally there was a plan showing the multi use trail through Reata as well
    as a class 1 bikeway.

    Even now it would be cost & environmentally
    effective & just smart to share the concrete access across Ortega for both type of trails and to the planned independent future regional trail(s).

    Just of recent, the County has re-designed the regional Trails
    proposed off La Pata to the corner of Ortega & Antonio Parkway,due to the re-design of La Pata Widening and other factors. This is putting a lot of pressure & cost onto San Juan Capistrano for the re planning of the trail connections. Not to mention the adverse affect it will have on the Equestrian Shows at RMV Riding Park.

    Recreation is an important factor in the planning for the future residents of Rancho Mission Viejo. Please will someone sit down before its too late and find a way to address some of the trail issues. This would be a great assist for the future relations of our city with the new Rancho Mission Viejo neighbors.


  • Don Juan Ortega

    Thank you, RB. So, your concern is that equestrian use from Reata involves a staging area, but the equestrian trails only run one-way? That is, west into San Juan Capistrano? The trail connectors between Reata Park and Rancho Mission Viejo lands include bike (class 1 bike path under Ortega Highway) and pedestrian (via crosswalk at Reata), but not equestrian?

    If true, that seems like a valid complaint, and there would certainly be value in facilitating equestrian access through RMV land, not only to the Riding Park but into Caspers and Cleveland parkland beyond. Thank you for your comment.

  • RB

    Thank you for your response much apprecicated.

    So there is no confusion, the value would of been to facilitate having the equestrian access cross ortega FROM Reata Park NOT the RMV riding park area where the shows/rodeo
    are conducted. Even now if there was a way to
    have access at the Reata Light , share the
    Ranch Lands trails then connect to the
    Regional Trails planned this would be ideal.

    San Juan Capistrano trails are very successful
    in their multi use on a daily basis.



  • Don Juan Ortega

    Thanks, RB. I understand your comment and we are on the same page. It seems to be an easy thing to incorporate into the Reata Park plan, and one that might demonstrate the value of the new park for residents of San Juan Capistrano.